Persuasive Essay On School Funding

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It often seems there are several important issues plaguing the public school system. So many that there needs to be a time to stop and ask the right questions. Which issue is most pressing? Which issue is having the biggest impact on the ultimate goal to equally and effectively educate all that pass through public schools? One issue that seems to answer both of the aforementioned questions is that of school funding. School funding has a tremendous impact on so many aspects of school. It affects so many different groups that have ties to the school. The impact and affect are so great that they will also affect groups outside of the school system. First, it is important to explore the far reaching impact of school funding. The most glaring impact of school funding is that of the major goal of the public school system: equal opportunity to a quality education for all people. How does school funding impact equal opportunity? Nobody is turned away from public school because of money. Public school is free for all and even required for certain ages. Everyone has an equal opportunity for an education. These are comments that one might make that doesn’t understand the concept of separate/different being inherently unequal. The biggest point made in the major goal mentioned above is the key word “quality”. The opportunity for an education may be offered to everyone, but the opportunity for the same quality education is greatly affected by school funding. A quality education

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