School Funding

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School Funding
Royal Hines
LeTourneau University
School Finance, Section A
November 6, 2010


School finance is a major issue throughout the United States. The distribution of school funds is completed using different methods throughout. The correct process must be selected to accommodate wealthy and poor districts. Local school districts are affected by the distribution of funds based on the value of the property in the district. Concerned citizens can be prepared for school district changes in revenue by staying informed of what is occurring in their community.

State Distributions Distribution of educational funds to school districts in the state of
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(Brimley 2008) However, to equalize funds and maximize cost quality relationships grants and incentives are good places to start. School districts have to find ways to hire knowledgeable and committed teachers. One way to draw the knowledgeable teacher is to offer stipends for teacher shortage areas and sign on bonuses. Districts must continue to offer some type of incentives to maintain good teachers. Teacher tenure is another great incentive but can sometimes cause good teachers to become too laidback. Tenure grants educators “a right, term, or mode of holding or occupying something of value for a period of time.” (Tenure) Basically, tenure in the education realm grants what some would call stability or even security.
Local Area Changes School districts experience changes in educations on a regular basis. Some of these changes occur as a result of local, state, and/or federal issues. One way to prepare for local changes that are related to revenue and expenditures is to stay informed. Attending school board, PTA, and city council meetings is a good way to stay informed on what is occurring in your local area. The problem of financing education once, considered the responsibility of only a few specialist with vested interests in the schools—boards of education, school administrators, state departments of education, and state legislatures—developed into a priority item for virtually all citizens. (Brimley 2008) All
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