Persuasive Essay On School Trip

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Educational School Trips The truth is that my school is one of the best schools in Honduras and I really like it. Schools always need advice because they are not perfect. However, one of the problems of my school is that students are not been heard; the word of students does not have too much weight or not weight at all. I hope that we as students may change things in school through the essays we are doing. Additionally, the majority of students wants the best for them and the topic that I am about to explain is very beneficial for them. For instance, as a student, I would like the school to aim to better extra curriculum activities. This extra curriculum activity may take the school to the top of a mountain my point here is not helping other people, sports, or etc. Indeed, my point is traveling to other countries and learns thing that teachers do not …show more content…

Besides, traveling has changed many people in a positive way, so it may be the best step school can take. Fomenting students all these qualities and experience will result in a successful person. However, Schools should also change their way of thinking and try new things to see how they work out. Pinares should try doing this once and they will not regret it because focus students want their best for them. Just imagine you as a school people saying, “Pinares is the best option because the best professionals come from there and a trip to other countries has influenced those professionals extremely.” All people will talk about Pinares because of their trips and impact in some students. Obviously, you will not take the tremendous kids because it will not work out. Forming efficient students is what school should work in. As I said before, knowledge is not everything you need to know much more than that to survive in the real world. Life is tough and the more prepare you are the less tough it will be for

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