Persuasive Essay On Seat Belt Safety

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On April 15th, 2017, a student rolled his car two and half times, the car was totaled. The student walked away without a scratch on him due to the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt. That student was me. The act of putting your seat belt into the buckle of your seat takes a mere two seconds. Two seconds is obviously a small price to pay if the cost could potentially be your entire life. When drivers and passengers are involved in car accidents, they are more likely to survive if they are wearing a seatbelt. Seat belts save lives as well as they often prevent major injuries. When involved in a serious car accident, seat belts have proven to be effective in saving lives and preventing injury. When involved in a car accident, passengers in the car are subject to concussion, ejection, paralyzation, or even death. Seat belts strap a passenger into their seat in the car, this prevents ejection from the vehicle. “75% of people who are ejected from their vehicles die from impact or related injuries” (CDC). This incredibly high statistic proves the effectiveness of seatbelts holding you into the car and preventing death by ejection. In addition to this, the US Department of Transportation states that 88.5% of people used seat belts in 2016 (US Department of Transportation). This number is up 7% from 81.2% in 2006, meaning drivers and passengers alike are realizing the necessity of wearing a seatbelt. The increased use of seat belts is likely due to scare tactics used by law

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