Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education

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When it comes to sexual education for children, I think that information should be provided from more than one outlet. I think that sexual knowledge should be gained from both home and school. I do not think that churches should really have any role or part in teaching children sexual education, because most churches would promote only chastity and abstinence only ideas. I think that a mix between learning things at home and at school is what would work best for most children. This being said, I think that when it comes to schools, there must be a better and reformed version of sexual education than what we see today. As we discussed in class, in today’s society there is a heavy emphasis put on abstinence only sex education. Sex education is not mandatory in many states and only 37 states require abstinence only education at least to be taught with 26 of those states having to stress abstinence first and foremost. Abstinence only sex education often uses fear and scare tactics to discourage sexual behavior- essentially trying to scare kids into not having sex. The thing about this form of sex education, is that it has been proven to not work. Federal policy has provided a lot of funding for abstinence only education. Programs led by abstinence only ideology ignores young people’s basic human right and the fundamental public health principle of a balanced and knowledgeable sex education. In these programs, as we learned in lecture, anatomy and sexually transmitted disease

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