Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Madison Daub Speech to Inform Do something quick, think back to the last time you were on your cellphone. I bet it wasn’t very long ago, now was it? We use our cell phones all the time and to do just about anything. That doesn’t mean we’re obsessed with our phones, right? Well, maybe it does. On our phones we find different apps. Some apps we use all the time, others we only use when we are bored. By the end we will map out who uses social media platforms, what being obsessed means, and how these sites affect us. A wide variety of people use social media and people see us as “always on our phones”. It is widely used throughout many generations. Professor Larry Rosen in Psychology Today explains how 70% of people in the last four generations have a Facebook account. Yet this study did not include our society, so this number is most likely greater now. But, as predicted, the same 2016 article tells us, “overall younger generations used more social media sites than older ones”. Teenagers can be seen being preoccupied on some type of technology. In a recent asking posted in the Huffington Post, modern American teens were asked about their social media. It showed that “90 percent of American teens say they use at least one social media site, and 71 percent of teens say they use at least two sites”. There are many different types of social media; social media as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “forms of electronic communication such as websites for social

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