Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Social media is a vast part of people's life in the 21st century. Social media allows us to connect with other parts of the world, obtain news, and see what celebrities are doing. One phenomenon about social media is how it saves life's. Also exposures to areas hit by natural disasters such as flooding, tornado, and earthquakes just to name a few. The use of social media has given people a new way to help in relief efforts. Their is some reason why social media can actually hurt relief efforts to. in times of natural disaster and other crisis social media is a major help to relief efforts. (Add more )
Social media is a fantastic way to raise money for relief efforts. It encourages others to either give money, food, and clothes. This gives people a chance to feel like they're helping others to get back on their feet. One problem people need to watch out for is scammers who take advantage of the fact of people need. people need to know who they're going to help the best way would be to send the money to repeatable service. Overall, most people want to help others, such as star defensive end J.J. Watt for the Houston Texans raised over 37 million dollars for flood relief in Houston. Seeing people in need all over are social media feeds does nothing if not cause theres want to donate. With the money raised for it causes rebuilding to be much easier for disaster victims to get back to their original way of life. With social media so advanced it lets us be able to help victims by

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