Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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The use of social media has exploded in the last number of years, with more than 50% of adolescents logging on to a social media site more than once a day. Social networking sites include Facebook, Snapchat,Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Classrooms are enabling the use of social media as a channel for communication and collaboration between students. The majority of people using these sites are in the age category of 17-25, but there are some children ranging from the ages of 9-16 that are also using social media. (Agichtein, Eugene) The use of social networks at this young age can be damaging to the child. They can be exposed to explicit images and are at a high risk for cyberbullying. Delaying the social media age requirement to 16 will decrease cyberbullying, the potential for sexting at a young age and protection of privacy. By the age of 15, many young people have been exposed to or have been a part of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is deliberately using social media to convey false or awkward information about another person. 75% of teenagers now own cell phones, and 33% of them have experienced bullying online.(Agichtein, Eugene) When any type of hurtful statement is posted online, the feedback that could arise from anybody connected to the person could potentially be extremely brutal and have a lasting effect. Social networking sites are the largest target for cyber abuse. Anybody could potentially say harmful things while being hidden behind a

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