Persuasive Essay On Stereotyping

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Brenda Trujillo
Dr. Lisa Menegatos
Hon 101
4 October 2017
When I was younger and I would introduce myself, peoples faces would make this weird expression at me when I told them I was an only child. They would ask questions like “So, are you spoiled?” or “Do you feel lonely?”. I never really understood why I would get those reactions until I got older and realized they were stereotyping me. I became so interested in this topic I based my senior project on it. This topic needs to be understood better. I will be talking to you about explicit and implicit biases as well as the pros and cons associated with stereotyping.
An explicit bias is when we have stereotypes towards others and we are aware of them. The stereotypes could either be positive or negative. From the information, I gathered from Erin Long-Crowell, a professor on, an instance where explicit bias influences us is when we are choosing our friends (Long-Crowell, N/A, para.3). We are more likely to get along with others that have the same interests or lifestyle as us. Since, I'm going into the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field I know I will have a harder time reaching my career goals because I am a female. Many think that a man would be a better fit to do the jobs in that area of the workforce. According to a report written by Rachael Pells in ‘The Independent’, an online news source from the United Kingdom, they found that about 57% of educators said they had

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