The Trouble with Stereotyping Essay

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The Trouble with Stereotyping The world has hit a brick wall in human development. People have created a giant system that categorizes people and groups into classes. These classes are then broken down into subdivisions for people’s placement in the world, and everyone’s eyes. Stereotyping has become so prevalent in every persons thoughts that we now base everything we do on it. We base business, home, and social life on a stereotypical view that doesn’t need to be present in life. In “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments,” Robert Heilbroner states that, “Stereotyping is one way in which we ‘define’ the world in order to see it.” This statement proposes points that people don’t just see people anymore, but the …show more content…
Many people who live in the United States have no college education, but are still doing quite nice, and some even making millions. This type of stereotype on knowledge is a big part of my life because I am not good at school, but I can accomplish many things such as building computers and other computer based operations. I also believe that people shouldn’t just look at a person’s education for the job, but the skills that they can do. The next stereotyping is that of the home based labeling. Parents always look upon the brother to look after the sister. This happens with my friend Brian down the street. His sister is older then he is by two years and heading off for college this year, but the parents are always yelling at Brian to take care of her and to watch out for her. The sister is easily capable of looking after herself, but parents insist and feel safer by having the brother watch out for her. Another stereotype that I have found to be very present in my life is that the oldest child in the family is always the one causing or making trouble even if it isn’t them. Parents always just assume that it is the oldest causing trouble because they being the oldest and they know better what is right and wrong despite if they did anything at all. Social typecasting is also easy to spot because people can see it everywhere you go. It is present in schools,

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