Persuasive Essay On Sustainable Business

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In a culture based on consumption and consumerism businesses are the forefront of society providing every good and service imaginable. Although, in today’s society there has been an increase in significant issues concerning the ecology of our planet that have come along with this consumer culture. With issues such a lack of clean water, lack of food, lack of energy and a rapid decline in biodiversity. This rapid decline in natural resources is due to mostly to the over consumption and alteration of the planet and its resources. Where do we start though in the process to protect and preserve our resources? It starts with the very businesses that we all buy from; a major part of our everyday lives and the largest consumers of resources businesses can play a large role in sustainability and climate action. Increasing pressure is being put on businesses to create a more sustainable society, this is being done through many business sustainable business efforts. To achieve a sustainable business, it must first start with organizational change. Utilizing Kanter’s change wheel there are ten important pieces that successful sustainable business uses in order to achieve their societal and business goals. The change wheel is an important model for businesses as it offers a dynamic view based on real world businesses that it has worked for. I will talk about a few of the most important pieces that every business needs in order to achieve change. The first and one of the most
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