The Importance Of Environmentally Friendly Practices In Business

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Businesses who participate in environmentally friendly practices will become more profitable. There are difficulties and costs that a business will face and profit takes time but is proven to positively impact a business. “The reluctance to address the forces that are polluting the planet always comes down to money (Smith, “6 Reasons Nations Don't Go Green.”). Implementing environmentally friendly practices within a company “will win them customers, and increase profits” (McDonald, “Why Do (or Don’t) Companies Go Green?”). Many global companies today carry out environmental management tools to adapt to environmentally friendly practices, which helps gain customers, and in turn becomes more profitable. In this paper, I will go into further detail explaining why businesses should be more environmentally friendly, the benefits to be gained, costs that come with being environmentally friendly, and management ways that help a company become environmentally friendly.


Going “Green” is a trendy topic and is growing around the world. There are many proven facts showing that reducing emissions, waste, and gas help the environment, but the question remains to companies if they should take action to help the environment within their company. Will this help organizations with their overall success or will the cost of implementing environmentally friendly policies outweigh the organizations profits?
“There is overwhelming scientific consensus that human

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