Persuasive Essay On Technology

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As society grows to a new era full of technology, this brings takes us to the manner in how everything is performed need to be up to date from the small watches on our wrists to the distinct types of transportations we take. There has been a push into an efficient modern era where the world displays the high evolution that has surfaced over the centuries of human life. Seeing the measure in which our society continues to grow, depending far more on technology, there is the need to correlate with how fast business is flourishing in this world we live in. Departing from old fashion techniques and creating innovative solutions—smartphones, droids, watches, cars, etc.—that distinguishes the world into something far more futuristic. There is a purpose behind all these changes that are completed by companies, they work to improve the world and establish a safer environment. When looking at an Autonomous Vehicle, better known as a driverless car, they are meant to reduce the collateral damage that occurs on the street more often than not; the producers aspire to correct the human error. The advancements companies make, take an approach to manufacture far grander technology, they find different approaches to expand on their industrial science. There are many names for an Autonomous Vehicle, people refer them to driverless, robotic, or self- driving cars. This concept of having a hands-free car has been in the works for some time, they started with cameras and sensors in newer

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