Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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Texting and driving is something that happens every single day, all over the world. It can be expected that almost every human being, with a cellphone, that has ever driven a vehicle, has at some point checked their mobile device while driving. Looking at it without much care or detail one would think it is no big deal to text and drive. Other people do it all the time so what does it matter? But it does matter, it matters more than some people will ever be able to comprehend. Although a vast majority of people text and drive daily, it is extremely dangerous and should be illegal; texting and driving can result in distracted driving, car accidents, and sadly even death. The least circumstantial of all the results in texting while driving is distracted driving. Nearly half of drivers admit to answering their phone while driving. When looking down at a cell phone while driving, to answer a call, or respond to a text message, it is causing a distraction. Many things can cause a driver to become distracted but cellphones are the most common. Even if one only looks at his or her cellphone for a single second, or five seconds, or however long it takes that person, for whatever amount of time that is the driver is looking at the cellphone rather than where they are driving. If a driver is not watching the road than how are they supposed to know whether they are on it or not? Distracted driving of any sort is dangerous, but texting and driving is especially dangerous. If one is
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