Persuasive Essay On The Anthem

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It’s been nearly forty-six years since the entertainer Jimi Hendrix rocked the nation with his Woodstock performance of The Star-Spangled Banner, a performance that served has both a political muse and thoughtful engagement with current events. Many at the time and even to this day still question the true meaning of the rendition, but the one constant on either side of the debate is that his version was powerful and sparked a nationwide conversation. Throughout the years few have replicated that level of response in relation to the national anthem, it wasn’t until August of 2016 at a National Football League (NFL) preseason game that quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a seat during the national anthem and would soon spark an ongoing outcry from the public across the nation. The movement was based on fighting racial discrimination and brutality from various police departments across the country, it was about sticking to moral principles that should be shared by all in this country. Many believed his stance was completely unacceptable and anti-American while others stated it was the perfect catalyst to come together in favor of the protest and show their support for freedom of speech and the principles they’re based on.
While history has shown various ways in which the national anthem has been played and been delivered, never has someone not performing the anthem taken a stance such as this. Colin continued his kneeling gesture during that entire preseason, and

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