Persuasive Essay On The Bogeyman

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Compare and Contrast on the Boogeyman
Intro-The Boogeyman is a horror character that appears in short stories he scares children at a certain age usually 2-6 years old.This horror character usually only comes for you when you’re alone typically at night when you are sleeping in your room, he hides in the closet.What he does is he is the horror character that makes young kids do as they are told like for example when your mom says eat your vegetables and you said no as a kid she would say ¨ok if you don´t eat your vegetables the Boogeyman will come for you at night.¨So the Boogeyman is there to ensure we follow the rules and bring good behavior towards children.

Paragraph 1 -In the Scientific American story it tells us that the Boogeyman is a teaching tool for young children and that he is a factor there to punish or steal children when they are not following the specific rules they have to be following.He is a shapeless factor so that means he could be anywhere at anytime so typically parents use the closet or say “don´t check under the bed”.The Boogeyman hides in the closet and the reason why parents say that the Boogeyman comes out the closet is because typically at the age of 2-6 kids have a fear towards the dark and that is when the closet also becomes a factor that parents use to make sure that their son or daughter follow the rules they have to follow or do what they are told to do.Now in King's short story he used the closet as the place where the Boogeyman would

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