Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” M.K Gandhi. The death penalty is a topic that inflicts various emotions out of people. Where some people like Gandhi believe it is ethically wrong to kill an individual. Others believe that the death penalty is just and it’s also a cost-effective resolution. The first known date for death penalty laws go back to as far as the Eighteenth-century B.C. Even today there are 37 countries worldwide that still perform executions and a total of 94 countries where the death penalty is in their lawbooks (Wikipedia). With the death penalty still prevalent in the world. It’s important to discuss both sides to this controversial topic. Many people believe that the death penalty is an effective form of punishment. They believe that it I can help stop criminals from continuing to commit crimes. For example, President Trump once mentioned on a Fox& Friends appearance in 2010. That the “two men who killed the officers in Hattiesburg MS will not do any more killing if they receive the death penalty”(Pro& Con). A lot of people believe that if people see others getting their life taken away then that may deter them from committing crimes themselves. Also, the death penalty can give closure to the victims’ families. Many families worry that the inmate may be released or be given a reduced sentence. It haunts them to think that the person who killed their love ones will be allowed to walk free and potentially do the same thing to another family.

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