Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Dear Adrianne Haslet-Davis, I understand that because of what you have experienced you feel closure from the death penalty. I do see your point of view, so I can understand why you agree. However, I must say I disagree. It does not deter crime. A criminal is not going to stop and think “if I kill this person I will have to sit in prison or be sentenced to death”. It just does not cross people's minds. You said that you believe he knew exactly what he was doing. That statement is probably true. However, if someone commits a horrific act on purpose, they usually are happy with the outcome. I know you would like to think that after seeing the aftermath of their actions they feel remorse. The reality is that they know right from wrong. They just have no regard for that feeling of knowing they are doing something wrong. People tend to feel that the death penalty is the ultimate punishment. That it is the only way for someone to truly pay for their actions. I may sound philosophical for a second, but wouldn’t you think that not being able to fulfill the rest of you life would be more of a punishment? If you are dead you no longer think about what you want to get out of life. By sitting in prison knowing you have nothing else to live for because you no longer can do anything else, wouldn’t that be grueling? “You are sentenced to life in prison” wouldn’t that be dreadful to hear, especially if you are young. For most people, the thought of not having their freedom
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