Persuasive Essay On The Fifth Amendment

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The Fifth Amendment is one of the most known amendments because of its usefulness and frequent use in TV crime shows. It gives people the right to not incriminate themselves or turn themselves in. It also says that you cannot be tried for the same crime twice. If you are proven not guilty of a crime, you cannot be on trial for the same one again. Michael T. Flynn was Trump’s former national security advisor and might have broken federal law when he refused to turn over payments from the Russian government. The Fifth Amendment seems like it could protect Flynn, but does not entirely. It cannot protect the contents of a document, so it breaks it by refusing to turn in documents that might be incriminating. However, that does not apply to every case. By turning the documents over, it gives information about their possession, existence, and authenticity of them. The Fifth Amendment gives Flynn some protection, but not fully. The connection is that Flynn is using the Fifth Amendment to not incriminate himself. He refused to answer questions and turn over documents related to Russia. Various different cases help explain the rights you get from this amendment in depth. For example, the Fisher v. United States case shed light on how much protection a document gets from the Fifth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment add rules to the judgement of the accused. It guarantees no cruel or unusual punishment and no excessive fines or bail. Judges cannot say that your fine or bail is

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