Persuasive Essay On The Life Of Children For Children

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Imagine if you were not able to provide your child with a Christmas gift. Imagine the children in the world today who do not receive birthday gifts due to multiple reasons. Many circumstances in the world are ones that we cannot imagine and do not want to face. The tough situations in our world give the fortunate an opportunity to step in and help. Certain organizations were created to provide children specifically with monetary support and other support options. Children in poverty (under developed countries) face more battles than most people realize. Eleven children under the age of five die every minute and thirty-five mothers die during childbirth every hour. These children die due to disease, malnutrition, starvation, and many more things. Mothers die due to their bodies not being strong enough to successfully give birth. The mothers die which leads the children to nobody to provide for them especially if there is no father. The child is not going to be provided with proper nutrients if the father cannot provide for them. Often times these families have multiple children, so the mother dying and the father working to provide is a hard situation when there are multiple children. Which leads to one-fifth of all children under the age of five undernourished. One in three people is malnourished. The father can only provide so much for the children after the wife has passed. In certain circumstances the mother makes it through childbirth and the mother deals with disease

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