Persuasive Essay On The Second Amendment

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If taken literally one, can simply state the 2nd amendment in the bill of rights as their answer. There literally is no better way to protect something valuable to you than to get a weapon and fight for it, that’s what America has been doing since its conception. However, in modern society, we can’t just do that, there are rules in place to prevent that, but those are exactly what allow us to establish and preserve the freedom of the American population in its entirety. Although people inevitably complain about the laws established by the government, they rarely take action. Now why is that? It’s simple, the government was established on the principle that the people would collective decide to obey those laws as long as the government would serve to protect their rights. This is based off the social contract of John Locke, the people are willing to give up some of their peripheral rights(more accurately some privileges) to have all their necessary rights protected. This principle is what lead the Framers to establish a “government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people.” In addition, the Bill of Rights, or amendments to the constitution, were added, providing tangible proof of the rights of the people protected by the government. These methods have stood the test of time in not only establishing freedom within our nation, but also preserving them throughout our history even in times of war. For a brief period of time following the Revolutionary War,

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