Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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In the United States today many teens have the problem of underage drinking. Whether they do it to look cool or to have fun, it is an enormous problem. In fact, one our four teens state that the would ride with a driver that is intoxicated (“Underage Drinking”). This shows that teenagers and not only irresponsible with alcohol, but also uniformed of the serious consequences. Although the rates of underage drinking have dropped within time, there are still ways to lower these rates more (Klass). With much research and problem solving, I have come up with three different ways to lessen the issue of underage drinking. The three options I focused my research on was changing the way colleges teach, lowering the drinking age, and informing …show more content…

Along with that, sports coaches could have their teams stay late on Friday nights for a team bonding experience or a late night practice to keep the athletes from going to parties (Fennell). These processes are ways to keep the average college student too busy to deal with underage drinking. Out of these few systems, I believe changing the way professors post their information online would create a small change in the amount of partying that college students participate in. Last but not least, there could be many things adults can do to prevent underage kids from binge drinking or drinking in general. If teenagers receive strong messages from their parents that underage drinking is dangerous, then they may think more about the decisions that they make. The more parents allow their children to drink and throw parties at home, the more likely they will also go out of the house and drink as well. If teenagers are well educated on the side effects of underage drinking the percent of underage drinking will decline. In May of this year, a study showed that 1 in 6 highschool students reported that they were binge drinking. That is a crazy amount, and with that number, we can tell that teenages are not well educated on the aftermath that can come with underage drinking (“Underage Drinking”). It would be helpful if parents simply informed the teenagers that if they choose to drink it should not be done excessively.

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