Persuasive Essay On Undeserved Bullets

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Undeserved Bullets It is our desire as humans to be good, sure there a couple of that are jerks thrown in there, but that inevitable. Those who actually do good will go on to be admired by others, they will be seen as heroes, the ones who were raised right, they will be praised. Sure most people want to be good. But what about those who don’t ? What if the bad people had every intention of being bad and causing pain. What if the bad people think that what they’re doing is okay because they were never cared about enough to be taught otherwise. I have stayed up countless nights thinking about what a bad person could be doing to someone at that exact moment. Who is being raped? Who is being beaten? Who is being starved? Who is being murdered? All questions that pass through my mind as I lie sleepless in a quiet dark room that seeks peace of mind and lead me to the conclusion that we are truly born with luck. As a matter of fact we are so lucky that most people kill to be in our positions. If you truly think about it you will realize that we’re all lucky we are to be living the lives that we’re living, or to even be alive at all. The fact that we can drop dead at any second if truly astonishing and I wish I could say that no one in my close family has experienced any of that pain, I wish because someone really close to me already has, my mother. The thought about my mother being in pain has always made me feel so devastated, so angry, so useless. I’ve always wanted to make

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