Persuasive Essay On Unisex Toilets

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Unisex toilets- An idea to be flushed? Have you ever been bullied because of who you are? This kind of bullying happens every day and not just to children. As our world is evolving there is more conflicts and debates. One of these are whether transgenders should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify by. Many people who are transgender face violence and discrimination just for being who they are. A study shows 62% of Trans people report being discriminated against because if their gender. It is argued that Gender neutral bathrooms will become a playground for rapists.Unbelievably our world doesn’t realise that bathrooms are already playgrounds for rapists. On May 25th 1997, Jeremy Strothmeyer raped and murdered 7 year old Sherrice Iverson after he followed her into a women’s bathroom, a place Sherrice probably thought she was safe. News flash: rapists are malicious people and they don’t have any intention to stop these horrific crimes just because the bathroom doesn’t identify by their gender. Rape will continue to occur in bathrooms whether or not they are gender neutral. The fear of rape should not be used as an argument against gender neutral bathrooms, speaking frankly it is irrelevant. Having gender neutral bathrooms may even provide more protection for those in danger or scared of getting raped due to a higher likelihood of people being in the bathroom. Is it worth the money it’s costing? Installing gender neutral bathrooms has an estimated

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