Persuasive Essay On Visit To College

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No matter what grade you’re in, campus visits in any form are beneficial. A camp at the university or college, a campus event, or your usual campus visit are all great ways to experience the place you’re considering calling home for your college years. My mom had some great advice in this process for me which was what helped keep my somewhat levelheaded during the college decision process.

Don’t wait until senior year to do your visits

This is a sure way to be incredibly stressed out. Amongst all the efforts to survive the year, don’t put yourself in the situation of making a four hour trip one way to visit a campus. It’s a huge mistake.

My mom got onto me about this. She was excited for me to be preparing for this next adventure in my life, but she and I had to coordinate schedules to make four or five hour drives over the course of a day or a weekend.

With two of my visits, we drove down on Saturday, spent the night, did some seeing around town (mostly involving food) on Sunday, and visited the campus on Monday in the morning so we could drive back home on Monday. Make the most of your trip to the campus, especially if it’s farther away from home. Find a couple places to check out or make your study home while you’re in school.

2. Talk to a professor on campus

Even if you don’t know what you want your major to be, talk to a professor on campus. If you know your major, great. Talk to someone who’s involved in teaching the program to get a feel for if this

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