Persuasive Essay On Why Band People Are Geeks

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Hey, future band members! Our band needs some new additions to the family. So, I’m here to tell you why y’all should join, and become one of us! For one, you need to be in band to get that lil’ inside joke I just made. For two, band is cool! I know what you’re thinking. “But band people are geeks! They say it in the movies!” Well, first of all, you shouldn’t listen to something fictional for advice on whether or not to join a sport. That’s right, band counts as a sport, bro! And a class. And, all you need to do to pass is go to practice and the games we play at. So, easy A! Plus, girls swoon over guys that can play instruments. Have you ever seen a guy playing a song for a girl, only to have her not be impressed? Well, chances are, she wasn’t

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