Persuasive Essay On Why Is Censorship

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Imagine if you couldn’t watch that movie, read that book, or play that video game because someone said you couldn’t or shouldn’t.Shouldn’t that be you or your parents decision and not anyone else's? This is what you call Censorship. If we have Censorship in place we’re forcing teenagers and students to run away from reality where we have to face our problems and the messed up cruel world that’s out there. Students and Teenagers are going to be exposed to everything that censorship is trying to protect them from no matter what; therefore, censorship is useless in the public sphere. Censorship shouldn’t exist because we as mature teenagers and students choose how words influence us. Just because you’re playing black ops and see them shooting on the game does not mean you go outside and shoot at people, this is what I mean when I say we choose how words and the things we see influence us. Just because we see something in video games, music videos, facebook, or read about it in books does not mean anything because we lose the capability of self control. Also being young adults we should have that level of maturity where we shouldn’t need censorship, seeing it now will only benefit yourself in the long run because you learn about it at an early age.Therefore censorship is useless when it comes to teenagers and students because they have that level of maturity. In addition to having maturity, being exposed to all the things censorship is trying to block out is

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