Persuasive Essay On Why Schools Should Have School Lunches

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Schools should offer fast food options during lunch. This action would keep students on campus, give the school profit, and create a variety within the cafeteria. Although fast food can also be very unhealthy on a day to day basis, it would make schools a better place.
Depending on how one may look at the situation, serving fast food in schools have several advantages and disadvantages. From a nutritional standpoint, “fast-food” isn’t given this a name for no reason. Many items from this chain are considered highly processed. Some items, like diet soda, have no nutritional value. Children who eat fast-food items rather than fresh grown food, lean meats, and whole grains don't have the balance one needs for a healthy diet. However, many companies in this industry give a variety of healthy meals on their menu. Also, many companies such as Subway are considerably healthy, yet considered a fast-food. They even provide a variety of vegan-friendly foods in the majority of restaurants that are in the fast food chain. With that following statement, saying that all fast food is bad for you in false information. As a matter of fact, a lot of homemade food could be just as or worse than food. Especially cafeteria food.
In a study for the site Public School Review, the article exposes how some of the
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However, this is definitely not correct. For example, when ordering something from McDonald's, it's not in an oddly proportioned meal. You don’t get a Hefty bag of fries, a bucket of soda, and the whole cow. The meal you buy is proportioned by a specific diet plan. Although this may not be the greatest route for nutrition or healthiness, it is not where one should point their finger at to blame for obesity. Perhaps excessiveness of these foods could cause weight gain, but not necessarily the food itself. However, Any food eaten excessively without daily exercise will cause you to gain
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