Why We Should Not Have Fast Food At School

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Why should we not have fast food at school? Although fast s are good it’s very greasy and can make kids and adults very sick. Sometimes a person could die. Fast foods are not healthy, they can make people sick. Lots of kids don’t eat school because they complain about how nasty it is. But think why do we have eat school instead of fast ?
Fast has a lot of grease and fat in it, it can make you really sick if you eat a lot of it. Some fast has 13,000 pounds of grease it per year. It produces 1,000 pounds of grease each month. They produce 28.5 pounds of grease each day. They also produce 199.5 pounds of grease each week.

Fast has no nutrition, Mcdonalds french fries have milligrams and cholesterol and 15.47 grams of fat. 100 grams of

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