Persuasive Essay On Women Equality

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Around the world, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. In Saudi Arabia, women's unemployment rate is 34%, while men’s is 7%. One in three women around the world are likely to be victims of gender based violence in their lifetime. Women with full time jobs still only earn 77% of what males earn. As a young women, I know personally that women are not treated equally as men. We are treated differently, when there is absolutely no reason that men get all of these things, that men are treated right, when women are not. I don’t even know the worst part - many women don’t even go to school, or have jobs. When there is no reason that we should not.While researching my topic, I found a few things I was very curious about. Where are women treated the least equally in the world. What is the average of how much less women get paid than men. What are the most ridiculous and useless things women are not allowed to do? Why do people think that women should be treated this way? How can our society solve the problem of that women are not treated equally to men? After researching about gender equality, I found that it is so clear that women are not treated equally, but there are a few simple ways that we could start solving this huge problem.
Gender equality is a problem that affects 49% of people around the world. This problem changes the way that women live, giving them less opportunities and rights than men. Women have been treated this way for so long. According to a website,

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