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“The Woman Card Has Its Benefits.” - Opinionated Response Essay and Current Event
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The article, “The woman card has many benefits. Here’s one Donald Trump might not imagine” is host to many points and arguments, describing and shedding light upon, in a way, both sides to Donald Trump’s belief that Hillary Clinton’s consistent victories are only a result of her gender, which has allowed her to get so far in the presidential race.

As mentioned in the Article, [Speaking in terms of the so-called Woman Card] “Many people have pointed out that this special pass doesn’t even get you a discount on anything; in fact, it usually means you are the discounted item.” Reading this, and the sentences, following, I found myself …show more content…

As stated in the article, “Perhaps Trump is right when he says Clinton wouldn’t be successful if she weren’t a woman. But not for the reasons he might think. She’s known to have a close circle of longtime friends who knew her back when—the kind who don’t waver with the polls. That’s it, of course. How else could anyone have survived such damaging political and personal …show more content…

Women need to be looked to differently; they have found, over the years, ways to get past the obstacles of inequality, and strengthen and support themselves through the very adversity that would have kept them weak. It is therefore not just a matter of gender equality but rather something that can be learned from the gender differences.
In other words, strength in either gender is highlighted, reinforced and influenced through the differences they share: Woman, following the theme of the article (and more specifically,--in this case-- Hillary Clinton), have had to work harder for themselves and each other in the western world, as a result of their natural and societal differentiations from men. People admire women (and Hillary Clinton) for the objection and biases they have had to deal with, in order to reach success; it is not a pitiful respect, as Trump would suggest. This is the advantage of the Woman Card, and it should be

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