Persuasive Essay On Zoos

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All over the United States, millions of different types of animals are being held captive simply for entertainment. They are being stolen from their homes, brought into an unknown place, and are forced to adapt to different standards of living. Animals being confined in cages gradually become more and more unhappy and they suffer to give people a small moment of happiness. Over thousands of years since the format of zoos have been introduced, animals are constantly being stripped of their natural right as living beings for the sole purpose of public enjoyment. People camouflage the inhumanity of zoos, for various reasons and are revealed to the public that they are okay. Zoos should be outlawed due to the insufficient space that is being provided for the animals, the …show more content…

Ensnared animals cannot dominate in a zoo environment as they could in the wild. They are no longer able to naturally control their surroundings and way of life. In a zoo, an animal’s diet, daily activities, and partners are chosen for them. While in their natural habitats, the animals have complete authority. For example, lions in the wilderness hunt their own prey and defend themselves which is why they are commonly called “the king of the Jungle.” However, in zoos, their food are brought to them already prepared and the lions do not have to defend themselves. These actions strips them from their natural instincts and they become on the same level as any other animal in the zoo. Being held in captivity forces the animals to abandon their usual instincts and begin to depend on human intervention. Many animals being held in zoos are trained to perform tricks and shows for the public. Teaching the animals these types of actings take away their natural behaviours and require them to make unnatural changes simply for the entertainment of

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