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Picture this, an intense basketball game with the score going back and forth for the past hour. By the end of the game both teams and every player, whether they were trying or not; received a participation trophy. Teens on sport teams should not just obtain trophies, but they should work hard to earn it. When everyone does not acquire a trophy it is teaching the teens to work hard through merit. Despite the idea of not all teens receiving trophies, some people think that teens should take the trophy either way as a confidence booster. In fact, there are more reasons why kids should not just take the trophy, but they should earn it and be rewarded for their great athleticism.
Teens should have to work for what they want, and not just let it be handed to them like everyone else. Teens should have to show how good they are and try their hardest to earn the trophy. The teens need to learn how to be the best if they want to be rewarded. Just handing a teen a trophy that did not try, is telling them they did amazing when they did not. Furthermore, this is not how life will work in the future it is going to be difficult for them to work at what they do, since everything was handed to them. People who truly do work hard, do not get their own special recognition as the other people. Teens who play harder deserve more awareness of who they are; instead of players who do not really care. stated “No one is going to simply hand you the life you 1`want. You need to work hard

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