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Persuasive Essay Patients that were enucleated and administered LS2616 reached a 54% survival rate, raised earlier from 31% survival rate. The problem is, that patients who need the drug are being administered it to late, normally after enucleation, but the drug is most effective before enucleation. In a clinical trial completed at the University of New York City, 2 medical researches injected LS2616 into mice who were previously genetically modified to grow ocular melanoma to see the affects of the drug before and after enucleation. Without the drug administered, 100% of the test mice died due to metastasis of the primary tumor. On the contrary, when LS2616 was administered daily after enucleation there was a decreased 85% chance of metastasis, which overall raises the survival rate. Overall, two sets of thirteen mice were tested, the…show more content…
The test results concluded that a 50% chance, administering medication before enucleation, of metastasis is lower than 85%, administering the medication after enucleation which is a large decrease in metastasis percentage because a oncologist doesn't want to the primary tumor to metastasize, especially to liver, which is basically a death call if the cancer metastasize to the liver. An oncologists main job in ocular melanoma is most commonly to stop the metastasis percentage. In order to solve this problem of LS2616 not being administered at the right time, oncologists nationwide need to have an access place that administers LS2616 and the oncologist can receive the medication 7 days before enucleation and 7 days after in order to obtain a lower metastasis rate. The University of New York City created trial and through the trial concluded when administering the drug is most effective. For example, a patient’s Oncologist can call and ask University of New York City to see where, if there, is any possibility they could administer the drug to the patient or if the patient would have to go to New York City to
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