Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Compete In Sports?

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From 2004-2012, the obesity rates for children 12 to 19 years old have increased from 17.4% to 20.5% in a study concluded by Kids need to stay active and, the easiest way to keep kids moving are through competitive sports. Staying healthy is not the only reason kids should play sports. Athletics can teach valuable life lessons and build strong character. There are many great things about sports, all kids should get out there and play a sport. Children should be given the chance to compete in sports. One reason why kids should play sports is that, kids learn many life lessons from participating in organized sports. A common cliche that is that Sports are all about athleticism, but their are many valuable lessons to be learned in sports. As written in an article by Leah Ariniello, “Children will be exposed to bad manners, bad language, and complete put-downs during competitive sports”(Ariniello). Criticism will teach kids to brush off rude comments and keep faith in themselves. Kids will learn to keep their head held high and swallow their pride. Children will be taught, that in the real world, life is not always going to be easy and people will criticize them, but that does not mean kids can just give up on life. In the same article, Leah Ariniello talks about how a child's schedule, comprised of sports, education, and family time slowly teaches kids time management skills (Ariniello). The involvement in organized sports helps kids keep away from things like alcohol and drugs. They do not have the time to do these unwanted things while trying to handle their …show more content…

Athletics teaches the importance of health and fitness. Kids will also gain crucial real world lessons about winning and losing. Lastly, Sports help build good character and good sportsmanship. For this reason, it is imperative that children are given the opportunity to play competitive

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