Persuasive Essay : Should Smoking Be Banned?

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Should smoking be banned!

Should smoking in public be banned? The billion dollar question...

Here below are reasons why smoking in public should be banned:

Smoking cigarettes does not only affect the consumer, it affects everyone around them. Do people disregard the warning on the box? Cigarettes are taking the lives of people every day, they are death sentences priced at five dollars a pack.Cigarettes deserve to be banned, not to punish those who smoke, but to benefit their health and protect those who do not smoke. Cigarettes kill thousands of people every year, they damage the immune system, and is also harmful to others around them due to secondhand smoke. To begin with, (from Source: “someone dies every day due to the use of smoking tobacco. There are close to 500,000 deaths every year because of cigarettes, even including non-smokers. 202,000 of those deaths are women and 278,000 are men. If people make the decision to smoke, they are also making the decision to possibly shorten the length of your life. The life expectancy for those who smoke is about ten years less than those who do not smoke, this also varies with the amount that is smoked. If one were to quit smoking by their forties they may reduce the risks of dying from smoking related diseases”.

Smoking affects the population in many ways. It affects smokers' health and controls their smoking habits and use of time, and the spiraling cost of tobacco makes it an expensive pastime. Secondhand
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