Persuasive Essay Smoking

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People will argue banning smoking is impossible. People may have a lot of pressures and stress because of personal and economic problems. The reason people choose smoke because it can make them feel relax and refill energy while going through a hard time like busy work. In addition, people who smoke also create jobs and bring a huge profit to the government. They provide funds which are used for building hospitals, schools, and other public buildings. Despite this reason, it is just an excuse for the smoker. Smoking people claim that it helps release stress, but they forget about the negative aspects and resource of smoking outweigh the positive. Smoking is a big health hazard consequence for people who smoke and who don’t smoke. We all know that smokers have the right to choose what to do with their own health but if it affects to other people then it is not a personal problem anymore. Is smoking now will be a personal issue or social issue? Let see what Sue say about this. Sue is my supervisor and she is one of the people who really care about health, so in the interview we talk about one of the social issue now is smoking should be ban or not? The influence of smoking on health is not only concern about smoker but also affect the entire population in the economy and society. First, Sue mention that smoking is less socially acceptable. Why? One of the reason that Sue told us is a lot of employer not accept smoker because employee who smoke cost businesses more that they

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