Persuasive Essay : Taking Care Of Pets

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In the U.S.A 68% of families have a pet which is around 85 million people in our country. There is high percentage that you will own a pet in your life so make sure your whole family is committed and willing to give up some of their time. Taking care of a pet is not as hard as it sounds, but you must follow some basic steps so nothing goes bad.
The first step is to train the pet. The best age to train your pet is at a young age where they are still learning and maturing. You also need to potty trade them at a young age so the learn that if they go potty in your house they will learn that is wrong and that they need to go outside. You need to teach them how to sit, lay down, wait, and more. You can also if you want to you can train them to do things for you. Always do this step because you need to train them at a very young so they understand what is right and wrong. The second step is to make sure they have some attention but not too much because they will think it is okay to want attention at anytime. You need to tell them and make sure they know who the boss is. When they are good though make sure you reward them with a treat so they no when they are good and they get something in return. Make sure you keep them on a leash in public and don’t let your pet walk you you walk the pet. Everyone must do this step because your pet always wants attention but if you give them too much the will think it is okay to have too much attention . The third step to taking care of a pet

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