Persuasive Speech About Suicide

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So this is a topic that I have been wanting to write for a very long time because I think that it is something that everyone has been impacted in some way or another. I kept making excuses why not to talk about this, but today while I was at work the song In The End by Linkin Park came on. Now if you know me very well at all you will know that Linkin Park is my favorite band of all time, and I think that most people know, but if you don't know their lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide almost a month ago. The man was fighting demons of sexual abuse from when he was a kid along with drug and alcohol abuse for years and it caught up to him. He was the father of six kids and had a wife he had a successful career and seemed like a happy man. Yet, unfortunately, he took his life.

I know this is a very taboo topic and that a lot of people don't like talking about, especially inside the Mormon community. It is something that I believe we need to be able to talk about more. I really believe that those who suffer from depression as well as other things that can lead to suicide need to be able to feel comfortable about talking about how they feel without any judgement from those around them. This in turn I believe will help them realize how much they are loved by those around them and hopefully will not make a decision such as suicide.

I don't know how many of you have known someone who has committed suicide, but it is something that I feel like a lot of people have

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