Persuasive Speech Against Opioids

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Today, we are launching a campaign called Against the Opioids. I am seeking your help, because the addicts of our community are not seeking help. We want to put an end to opioid crises, and to do this, we need everyone to be mindful of the problem at hand. This is the first campaign about opioids at the UN. We want to try to educate as many people as possible to become advocates for change in our community. And, we don’t just want to learn about it thentake no action. We want to make sure that a change is seen. I was appointed a UN Ambassador for Against the Opioids. And, the more the speak about drug addiction, the more I realize how much of a problem it truly is. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that the lives of our young …show more content…

We should allow them to ask for help. We should not judge them for asking. It is time that we perceive all people as people, not some as addicts and some as clean. If we stop defining each other by what we are or aren’t, we will start defining ourselves by who we are, and we are all people, and that is what Against the Opioids is about. It’s about being able to be human and being allowed to ask for help. I want to ask you all to help me stop this discrimination, so that users can be themselves again, and they can seek help without feeling shame, and in doing so, they will fell human again. Humans are full of mistakes, and getting help can fix it. In order for them to get help, we need to help. End discrimation against drug users so that they feel more able to ask for help when in their times of need. If you believe we all make mistakes but they don’t define us, you can help make a change, and for this, I thank you. We are struggling to see that the real problem is that the people with an addiction are too ashamed to plead for help, but the good news is, we are able to help them. We are able to help them with this campaign, Against the Opioids. I invite you to step up, and ask yourself, “If I don’t help, who will? Will another life of someone who didn’t seek help be

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