Persuasive Speech Ethos

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Following the flow of time and from ages to ages, artists, speakers, advertisers and also the most famous leaders of numerous organizations in the world have been finding the efficient method to communicate with the others and transfer their message in the most effective way. A well-known theory, which was written by Aristotle- a Greek philosopher, illustrates a model technique of an impressive persuasion. With a text with a visual about Wild for Life program, the content provides an objective analysis of the writer in the use of ethos, pathos and logos.
As a common sense, because of illegal trade and the decreasing in natural habitat, the list of endangered species is denser unexpectedly which always states as an outstanding topic in any heated debate. One of the Earth’s most ancient creature existing over 110 million years ago concurrently with the age of dinosaurs, though, sea turtle is currently sparse in a great amount. With the desire to speak into action the message of protecting this sea creature, The United Nations triggered a campaign called Wild for Life with the attendance of various famous people from all over the world to support all endangered animal generally and sea turtle specifically.
In ethos, as an active establishment of the program, The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization of peace and security in the relationship of countries with the equality among 193 member states. This organization has set up countless agenda for the developing of

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