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I just want to thank you for what you have accomplished for the California School District these past years. I do have one concern though, and I am sure you have looked into it before, but I would like you to reconsider the situation. In past years, many students have wondered why we do not have a soccer team. Having a soccer team would open up so many different paths in the high school for students, staff, and even the community.

We have a lot of students that have revolved their whole life around this sport, soccer, but now they have nowhere else to go because the high school does not have a soccer team. Some of these students could have the potential to play college ball, but they will go unnoticed because of this situation. The California School District has done such a fantastic job with fulfilling their students’ dreams, as well as getting kids involved with activities, so do not stop where we are now, but instead let’s keep improving to become a well-rounded school. If California had a soccer team, we would also become more popular and well-known.
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These new facilities include the Performing Arts Center, additions to the weight rooms and AG shops, football stadium/multipurpose field, and the baseball/softball field. Since we already have the new turf football field, the school would not have to pay as much for the soccer field. Other schools like Osage and Camdenton use their football field as a soccer field. It is such a nice convenience.

Please consider what I have told you in this letter about getting a soccer team. It would be greatly appreciated from me and especially from some of my fellow peers. Having a soccer team would do so many great things for our school. Thank you so much for your
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