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When I was 14 years old, two of my best friends killed themselves. Its hard for me to say now. I've denied it even happening up until a year ago. I just can't think about how I lost them, it's just too hard.

There were four of us at first. Charlie, Noah, Jaime, and me. Sometimes our little group got not-so-small, but the new ones always left. They'd get bored or find other friends. It was nothing to us. We had each other, that’s all that mattered. Growing up, we'd do anything you'd expect kids to do. We would all sneak over to Charlie's house in the dead of night and watch bad horror movies, or we'd go stay in the woods till our parents would just drag us out. Or we'd skip classes in favor of playing games in Jaime's basement. Or- well, the list could go on.

Our lives weren't great. Charlie's parents fought, a lot. They'd try to keep it from her, but the constant screams and wails would only stop when her mother left to find comfort in someone else and her father would drown himself with the liquor cabinet. There were five kids in my house when we could afford two. My parents tried their best, but there were times when we could only eat once a day. Noah, oh poor Noah. When he was seven, his mom drove their car into the ditch on their way home. She didn't make it. He grew up alongside his cousins, though he was never treated well by them. Then there's Jaime. Jaime's family were religious. Real uptight Catholics. Well, you know that stereotype about Catholic priests and
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