Persuasive Speech On Pets As Children

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Kids and Pets

Pets as Children
Many young couples who do not have children acquire pets and treat them like family members who have the same rights, they provide them food, shelter take care of their health. This is their first joint decision, in this way they want to learn to share responsibility, to prepare for the arrival of the baby. When the baby arrives, owners must understand that pets and a child are not the same. Young couple should understand on time that pets are not babies, owning a pet and raising a child is vastly different.
Introducing Your Pet a New Baby
Pets are particularly sensitive to any changes in routine and surroundings, including sights and smells, so you'll need to plan accordingly. While the baby is not born yet, …show more content…

Therefore, in some situations when your child is uncooperative it is the best to keep child and pet separated, until the child learn how to treat pet or until child grows a little more. In situation where cannot be establish relationship between child and pet it may be necessary, and indeed humane to place your pet even permanently in another home.

Reasons for Adopting a Pet
There are various reasons for adopting a dog, but the most common is that parents want their preadolescent or adolescent child to learn responsibility. In these situations, before you adopt any pet you must first explain your child what will be his obligations, that he will walk the dog, change sand in litter box, feed his pet and not just play with him. It is important that child knows what will be his obligations and accept them, otherwise that will fall on parents shoulders.

In some cases parents thinks that if child have dog, can watch how pets mate, become pregnant and deliver a litter, and learn about reproductions that way.
That is not a right way for kids to learn about reproduction they can learn from some other more appropriate

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