Persuasive Speech On Reproductive Cloning

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STOP! Before you vote , take a moment to think : What can possibly be wrong with voting for the stem cell research ? Well I’m about to inform you on some statements that you might not have thought about and give you a better insight of what cloning will do to our society .
It has been taken to account that the controversial topic of therapeutic and reproductive cloning research of all animals and humans is being debated on whether to vote for or against stem cell research. Based on what was researched on you; you yourself is having a hard time with this topic. If you don’t mind, I would like to give you my perspective on the topic. Hopefully you will consider what I am about to say ,when it comes to finding your conclusion on stem cell research. In short , why would we want to bring more human versions of already existing humans ? There already is a lot of humans on earth , yet they want to create more of the same ones. In the article “ President Bush Call to Back Human Cloning Ban” , it states , on page 3, paragraph 16 , “ This is a diverse coalition, united by a result commitment to prove that cloning and exploitation of human beings .” There already are a lot of humans , we are overpopulating . Although, some may say that cloning is a second chance like in the article, “ All the Reasons to Clone Human Beings” , it states , on page 1, paragraph 3 , “ The current options for infertile couples are painful, expensive, and heartbreaking.. Cloning has the potential to change

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