Persuasive Speech On Sports Athletes

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Cocky, overpaid, and immature are adjectives often used to describe modern professional athletes in the United States. The athletic courtesies of the past are slowly fading into the background, overshadowed by the boisterous, vulgar behaviors often exhibited during sporting events today. This is disconcerting to many older fans who remember the bygone days of true sportsmanship and respect, because they believe that it is ruining sports and setting a terrible example for younger athletes. Players’ actions in games, in press conferences, and in contract negotiations have become unacceptable, this is slowly taking the enjoyment out of professional sports for the fans. In the early days of American professional sports the athletes weren’t bred to play the sport, they merely exhibited an abnormal ability to perform. These men understood that it was their privilege to play a sport, and enjoyed the opportunity. During games they would regard their opponents with respect and would receive it in return. Trash talk, belittling your opponent through insults and profanity, has become the norm for most professional sports in some form or another. This lack of respect and civility has come to the point that fistfights have broken out on the field, on the court, or on the weigh-in stage. We see in the news every day that some professional basketball player has offended someone and posted a hollow statement of apology on social media to cover himself, or a mixed martial arts fighter has
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