The Four Steps To Retain Good Grades In High School

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The one major question every incoming freshmen will ask, “How do I maintain good grades in school but still have a life?”. Well young grasshopper, I will explain the four ultimate steps to surviving and succeeding in high school. These four steps will start on your first day of high school and carry on till your actual last day of school. So, it is simply important that you stay focused as well as positive. Step one, collect a couple people in your grade and upperclassmen who you can stand long enough to hold a friendship for four years. Next, branch out. Be friends with everyone and I mean everyone. The more pleasant you are to other people, the more pleasant the world is back to you. Believe in karma because she always comes. Lastly for this section, share knowledge. Ask your friends questions. Share your ideas and your hopes. Understand each one of your friends dreams and what they aspire to be. This is will gain you a deeper understanding of people because what Joe might think is a good time can teach you who you want to be. This is the step that will shape your personality. Step two, get in good with the teachers. I know it may have seemed cool to be rude to your teachers in middle school or elementary but, this is education time where what grades you earn affect your future. I'm not saying to be a complete suck up, yet show some respect. These teachers went to school to be able to share their knowledge to further impact your education. In addition, have a healthy

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