Persuasive Speech : Social MediaSpeech, And The Freedom Of Speech

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Imagine sitting in a conference room when a person close by sneezes and a stranger says “Bless you.” The person that sneezed is offended because the phrase goes against the individual’s religion, but the person that said, “Bless you.” used the phrase with good intention to show common courtesy. The other people in the room continue on with the conference as if nothing has happened. This scenario portrays how one person’s decision to get upset based on words another individual has no effect on the others around because the surrounding spectators determined it was not an issue worth fussing over. Speech in America has no governmental restrictions, instead, it is limited by society. The people that limit speech are the same people that encourage freedom of thought and opinion, while ultimately deciding what can be said in public. Speech should be limited to speaking or writing in order to convey an idea. A person’s belief should be presented in any form, which suitably promotes their ideas, whether it be in the form of a speech essay, boycott, protest, or social media.
It is important to realize that the First Amendment of the Constitution is open to interpretation. Individual citizens are allowed to think freely and form personal opinions on any matter, still, society creates a base for acceptable opinions that one is allowed to publicly express. In the article, “UC Berkeley Declares Itself Unsafe for Ann Coulter,” news journalist, Conor Friedersdorf, discusses the event

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