Persuasive Speech : The Causes Of Teenage Mothers

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General goal:To persuade
Specific goal: I want to convince my peers and others around me that teenage mothers need more support and less people judging them.

When you hear the words “teen pregnancy” what is the first thing that pops up in your head. In the state of Ohio there is approximately 8,755 births to teens were in 2015. Most teen births in Ohio, which is 74%, are from ages 18-19.
There are many people who stereotype teenage mothers because they believe most of them drop out of high school, do not receive their high school diploma, and party all night.
I can personally say being the child of a woman who raised me while she was 16 years old,who had no help from no one during her pregnancy because she didn’t want to have an abortion. Not only did she graduate from high school, she worked two jobs and also earned her degree at the closest community college that had a day care.
Stop bashing young mothers because they got pregnant out of wedlock or because they got pregnant young. I am here not only because I am a daughter of a 36 year old woman who has been through hell and back for me but I am here to let you know that being a teenage mother isn’t the easiest thing on earth when it comes to people and their negative judgement, how they are able to be there for their children and still receive their education,and lastly and how things people say affect them in the long run. Before you even think about judging a pregnant girl, know their story not how old

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