Pet Overpopulation: Cause and Effect of Homeless Pets Essay

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A harmless visit to the neighborhood pet store turns into a ruthless encounter for me. Every Saturday, Pecan (my dog) and I visit a local pet store to purchase food and treats for her. Pecan and I pass by a dozen of shelter volunteers eagerly showcasing homeless dogs before entering the pet store. Shelter volunteers are special because they are willing to devote their Saturday morning to help homeless pets. On the way I stop and great each volunteer and dog, then I walk away emotionally grieving and trying to holding back tears. My sadness soon turns into anger, when I realize I cannot adopt every homeless pet. The pet population is a increasing crisis in America. In this essay I will discuss the cause and effect of homeless…show more content…
If simply one dog procreates and has five puppies, then if those puppies procreate over a lifetime, the one dog and five puppies will proliferate into a multitude of dogs. The reality is that 75% of these dogs will ultimately end up in shelters and euthanize.

Second, breeders are commonly a starting place for perusing a dog. Purebred dogs acquired from breeders frequently have a absurd price tag. What makes a pedigree dog so appealing? Often, advertising, movies, and social status leads to the desire of a pedigree. A purebred dog is purchased from a breeder as a captivating puppy. Tragically, as the puppy blossoms into a adult it will eventually loose its appeal and inadvertently end up in the shelter.

Finally, pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. The adoption of a pet legally makes the owner responsible for that pet. Pet ownership is taken too lightly, pet owners are not devoted to their pets. Pet adoption is much like the adoption of a child. A pet requires affection, guidance, food, refuge, and medical care. A child that is not cared for properly will rebel against his/her parents, so will a dog! Dogs rebel by chewing, urinating and/or defecating indoors and constantly barking for hours. Many dog owner are too assiduous and reluctant to investigate the premise of their dogs unmanageable demeanor. Consequently, the rebellious dog ends up in the animal shelter.


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